Resurface TV (RVT) is a Caribbean flavor Christian ministry that reaches every occupied continent to bring glory to God. Our focus (theme) is “Purity Driven” through nurturing instruction in Bible truths, health, cooking, inspired music and children’s programming.

    RTV sizzles with contemporary Christian music! There’s music for all ages with styles ranging from Southern Gospel music to today’s hottest contemporary Christian singers.

    Through RTV, viewers can fellowship with SDA Churches across the Caribbean!

    A station that is “Purity Driven” gives parents a real sense of trust in their children’s TV time. RTV’s children’s programs reinforce moral values in truthfulness, industry, respect, and religious pride.

    Sports, Social event, and clean, meaningful music videos, RTV gives our young audience Christian programming that speaks their language.

    RTV will be providing the purist and most wholesome religious and family movies for enjoyment and edification, a time to bring the whole family together and friends in true fellowship.

    Health practitioners are featured on several popular weekly programs on RTV that teach Biblical concepts about nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

    RTV’s popular programs continue to inspire millions of viewers with faith-based interviews and testimonials from committed ministers, mentors, and young achievers.

    In a world filled with immoral living, diseases, violence, and political mayhem RTV will assist viewers to understand foremost world events.