About Us

Who we are

Resurface Broadcasting Network (RBN) is the “Purity Driven Network,” a 24-hour Christian television and radio online network. Resurface TV (RTV) spotlight is to present programming which will get to people right where they are aching. RTV provides Christ-centered programming that presents the everlasting gospel

What we Offer

RTV offers marriage enhancement programs, dependency rehabilitation, food preparation and wellness programs, weight management programs that deal with children and family coping strategies, natural gardening, ordinary home remedies, music videos, as well as a variety of motivating topics from the Bible for the entire family.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be powered by the Holy Ghost, to declare the imminent return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to neutralize the bogus teachings regarding God’s law of justice and mercy, and to help guide others to a special connection with Jesus Christ that will last for eternity.

Our Ministry

Our ministry employs all available forms of media, including television and radio offering a range of religious programs featuring literature, music, sports specials and even healthy living.

The RBN family of network reaches over 100 countries internationally with scriptural truths and the message of the gospel. In the end, we believe the goal of every Christian Television Network, is to take the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.

In the history of Christian TV, when Christ followers have used this medium for a Christian purpose, the Great Commission has always been at least an inherent part of their mission statement. Listeners with a proclivity for broadcasting have seen television’s exceptional ability to reach exponentially more people with the gospel message than you could ever fit in a house of worship. RBN has had the most success to date with sheer numbers, but it is not alone in trying to spread the gospel with a television camera.


Ministry Goal

To date, countless people have made the decision to follow Christ as a result of our radio programming. We desire our television program to reach even more.


We look forward for all your help and support into growing this ministryknowing that 3ABN understands what level of benevolence is required by God’s children for the expansion of the gospel through media ministry.


Your gifts will help us expand the reach of the Gospel across Trinidad and around the world Click here to partner with us.